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Lewis & Harrison consultants provide top-tier regulatory and technical assistance to companies offering pesticide products and other chemical substances subject to Federal, State, and International regulations. Lewis & Harrison has extensive regulatory experience with numerous types of consumer, health-care, industrial and crop protection products and substances. Some of the products we have assisted our clients with shepherding through the regulatory process include: disinfectants, sanitizers, preservatives, food-contact ingredients, conventional pesticides (herbicides, fungicides, insecticides), water treatment chemicals, specialty antimicrobials and general use biocides.

Our approach is different. We pride ourselves on truly learning as much as possible about the product, the market segment our clients want to reach, their timelines and goals. With this understanding, we can customize our guidance through the myriad phases of the registration process so that our clients can bring their product to market as quickly and as economically as possible.

Our highly qualified and experienced team will step you through the initial economic feasibility, development of the needed data, construction of labels and finally through obtaining the needed Federal, State, and International clearances. Our ongoing support and long-term client relationships mean that Lewis & Harrison can ensure a product will maintain regulatory compliance, even if regulations or manufacturing processes change.

To date, Lewis & Harrison has assisted over 600 companies and manufacturers specializing in chemical, consumer, industrial, health-care and agricultural products. The companies span the gamut from large multi-billion dollar consumer and industrial companies to small start-ups entering the market for the first time, and are headquartered in more than two dozen countries around the globe.

Our Services

Our extensive experience and resources enable us to provide services to the pesticide industry


  • Registration of new active ingredient, intermediate, end-use and distributor products
  • Set-up, monitor and review of laboratory and field studies
  • Preparation and submission of petitions for tolerance or exemptions from tolerance
  • Preparation and submission of food additive petitions
  • Preparation of reregistration responses
  • Preparation and submission of applications for approval of pesticide inert ingredients
  • Consultation in matters involving data rights
  • Consultation in enforcement matters
  • Registration and maintenance of domestic and foreign pesticide producing establishments


  • State registration and renewal of pesticide products
  • General maintenance and updating of state registrations



  • Consultation, registration and renewal of pesticide products in Canada, Mexico, Latin America and Europe

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Catherine McKay

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