E. David Lewis

David Lewis is the co-founder of Lewis & Harrison and has been involved in the pesticide industry and with regulatory affairs for over 40 years. Before founding L&H, he began his career as Director of Government Relations for a pesticide company, served as Vice President of Government Affairs for a trade association, and then joined the consulting firm Pazianos Associates in 1985.

Particular areas of expertise include the registration of new active ingredients, new products, and new uses for existing chemicals, including agricultural products, antimicrobial products, and exempt (FIFRA 25(B) products. David also uses his deep industry knowledge to guide clients in developing responses to data call-ins, data compensation negotiations, audits, due diligence reviews for planned acquisitionsand overall strategic planning. He has international experience developing dossiers for both the Biocidal Products Regulation and REACH in Europe.

When not working, he enjoys playing golf (albeit not as often as he would like), travel and listening to jazz.